Confused with all this business about 10 extra balls in the National Lottery draws and how this affects the odds and jackpot? And by the way, how much money goes to which charities?

Since TLC was founded in 1997 we have kept it simple. Play our lottery for £1 and you will be allocated your own unique player number which will be entered in the draw every week.

The top prize is £1,000 and is guaranteed to be won every week – no rollover. There are runner up prizes of £100, £50 with 60 £10 and 100 £5 prizes.

You do not have to claim your prize as we post you a cheque.

Last year, each of our charities received £107,000 and in 2015 we are budgeting for a similar amount. Our charities receive unrestricted funds monthly which means they have a regular income they can use as and how they like.

If you are fed up with over-complicated lotteries and want your money to stay here in Birmingham, please sign up on line at – thank you and good luck.and the winner is